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We are a contemporary urban church in the Inner West of Sydney. We eagerly desire to be a place where lives are transformed, enriched and enjoyed all under the lordship of Christ. Everyone is welcome and everyone is valued. 


St Bede’s is a place where no question is too complex or too simple. 


So whether you’re a Jesus follower, someone who’s curious or more of a skeptic or doubter, we look forward to meeting you soon. 

Our Team
Matt Stedman

Matt Stedman | Senior Minister

Growing up in a church-going household, Matt started to follow Jesus seriously in his early teens. He remembers praying before starting university “hold onto me, and help me hold on to you” God answered that prayer and brought him through Macquarie University with not only a science degree but more importantly, a conviction that best life always includes Jesus.


Matt is married to Emily and together they have four young children: Roxy, Mason, Ezra and Toby. Matt was born and raised in Sydney, the son of a surfboard shaper. Apart from pastoral responsibilities, he loves to exercise and spend time with family and friends around a pizza. Matt is passionate about people coming to know and experience Jesus' lordship in every area of life. 

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Gab Lim | Kid's & Youth Pastor

Since making a personal commitment to follow Christ in high school, Gab has come to love sharing the news of Jesus with kids and teenagers, and watching them grow as disciples. After a stint working as a high school maths teacher, Gab went to study the bible at Youthworks college, and now has the privilege of caring for our kids and youth at St Bede's. He is married to Lauryn, who can often be spotted together at the cafés and restaurants of the Inner West.

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Sylvia Barry | Student Minister

My name is Sylvia, but most people call me Sylv. I live in a Marrickville sharehouse with 3 friends but I'm originally from the Northern Beaches. During the week you'll find me at college at Sydney Missionary and Bible College in Croydon and in my down time I love catching up with friends, going for walks and seeing the ocean, painting, reading, listening to podcasts and napping. I'm stoked to be joining the St Bede's community, getting to know everyone and do life together!


We believe the bible is God’s word to the world which is authoritative, infallible and essential. Without it, we will never know anything substantial about who God is, what he has done and what he will do for the world. 


We believe in one eternal and everlasting God who exists as three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The members of the Trinity are co-equally and co-eternally God. 


We believe that God created the world through the power of his words. He made it beautiful and orderly - a gift for humanity to enjoy and cultivate. 


We believe that every person is directed by what they love - but not all loves are created equal. Loving lesser things causes harm towards one another, the world and grieves God. The neglect of loving God is called sin and separates us from living at peace with God and others. It's the reason for everything wrong with our world. 


We believe that from the beginning, God planned to send the Son from the spiritual and eternal into the physical and temporal realm to redeem and reconcile men and women to God through faith in his death. 


We believe that Jesus died on a Roman cross for the sins of the whole world and then rose again three days later beating death and establishing the pattern for all who die as followers of Christ. 


We believe Jesus’ death on the cross was a substitutionary death, in our place, satisfying God’s just demands for human sin. 


We believe that we can be reconciled to God through acknowledging our rebellion against him and receiving the gift of forgiveness given to all who trust in Jesus’ Lordship.  


We believe the Holy Spirit is given to all believers as a comforter, reminder and giver of gifts to build the church. 


We believe the church is God’s gathered people existing to worship God, encourage and care for each another, and offer a prophetic message to the world about Christ’s Lordship and return. 


We believe when Jesus returns, the dead will rise. That those who love Jesus will inherit the new kingdom, and those who don’t know Jesus will be eternally separated from him.